Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 3- Riverside Camp at Willow Park

I woke up to the sound of the bell. All I could hear was leaders yelling “GET UP! Everyone get up and go down stairs!” It took a while for everyone to come downstairs into the Rimu room. But once everyone was in the Rimu room we were told what today’s fitness was. The thought of climbing the stairs kept going through my mind, but luckily for us today wasn't the day. “Viv, Ata and Brooklyn. Can you get the Cyber Coach set up in the gym?” Mr Burt asked. We replied with a yes and ran to the gym. Everything was set up and soon everyone walked in ready to get warmed up for the day!

Time flew by quickly. We finished everything, fitness, breakfast, washing up and our duties. The first fun activity for today was playing with the Willow Park toys. I knew everyone was waiting for this part of camp. There are lots of exciting toys to play with like the scooters, bikes, green machines, but my favourite the quad bikes! Since there were a lot of teams we had to be paired up with another boys team. Our team, P.O.B, was paired with the O.D’s (Original Dude’s) led by Ryan and David. I’m sure everyone enjoyed their time playing on the Willow Park toys.

After playing on the toys we had dinner. Then we had concert practice. We had to practise really hard because we were performing tomorrow. I was sooo nervous because my team wasn't even half way there. They didn't know where to stand, the actions and even the words. My team worked hard till the end though and we ended up finishing everything. Im so proud of my team :)

Highlight for day 3 was definitely our Super Disco. Firstly, I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr & Mrs Samuel for the fabulous disco. Everything was superb! Lights, decorations and the funky music. Thank you! There was something different about this disco though. If you were tired of dancing you could play the game that was being played at the same time of the disco. In the beginning though, we were put into three teams. Smugglers, Buyers and The Cops. I was in the Buyers team!!! So for the smugglers to win they would have to find a buyer and sell their Diamond. The buyers are doing the exact thing except instead of selling the diamond they are trying to buy one. Then they would have to safely get back to their corners and that is one point.  The cops on the other hand have to try and catch a person with a diamond. If the cop catches someone and that person does not have a diamond, that cop would have to stay in jail for one minute. But, if the person did have a diamond, the cops would get one point and the person with the diamond had to stay in jail for a minute. This game is hard because you don’t know who is who. You may think someone is a buyer but they might actually be a cop. My team the Buyers came 1st. It was loads of fun!

The disco was finally over. It felt really short. Well, to me it did. I was just happy because I had lots of fun playing and dancing. Mr Burt gave us our next instructions which were TTB. Toilet, Teeth, Bed. We said our good nights and went off to our cabin. Each day was getting better and better! Day 4, here we come!!!

To Be Continued......

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  1. Hey Vivienne,
    Camp was Alot of fun and I really love your story about camp, especially the bit about the disco and the game. DIVAS WON!!! But your group was really good. Keep up the good writing and post alot more good story like this!!

    Your Sincerely,


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