Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Neil Ieremia's Starmap

What this post is about
The extension class was given a project to do by the end of May 7th. We had to choose a person either from the star map website or another famous person. I choose Neil Ieremia from the star map website.  He is a choreographer and a artistic director. His journey inspired me. It was really interesting. If you watch my movie you will be inspired as well.

If I had to rate my movie out of ten, I would choose a seven. To improve my movie next time I need to focus and use my time wisely. At the end, my movie turned out great.

My conclusion
What I learnt from his journey was that you didn't need to be rich to start off to become a dancer. You just needed faith. His parents gave him advice which motivated him to catch his dream.


  1. What great work you have I really really liked it, it was so nice about how you did that just keep up the great work?

  2. Hi Vivienne,

    I had never heard about Neil Iremia, so thank you for sharing your learning. I hope you reach your dreams just like he did!


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