Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mattise And Picasso's Paintings

Room 20 has been assigned to compare and contrast one of Matisse and Picasso’s paintings, Weeping Woman and Woman With A Hat. Matisse was born on December 31 1869 in France. When he reached the age of 21 he wanted to become an artist. In 1897 he was introduced to Impressionist as well as Vincent Van Gogh. He was so interested he became a pioneer of Fauvism. Picasso’s life is way different in a way. He was born on October 25 1881 in Spain. In the year 1895 Picasso's father let him join his school named, Barcelona's School of Fine Arts. It was difficult for Picasso to listen to the instructions such as, drawing different perspectives for peoples faces. But he still made friends. When he was 16 he went to Paris and met Matisse. They became lifelong friends. Now I am going to compare and contrast the themes of their paintings.

Although Picasso and Matisse have the same objects in their paintings, the theme is very different. Matisse doesn’t really have a theme, 
his wife is neither smiling nor sad. He was just trying a new style. Its called fauvism because of the colours he used and the way he painted. Picasso's painting Weeping Woman,on the other hand, is about the Spanish war and is based on his art work Guernica. The woman in this picture is feeliing anguish from the war.

Picasso used mainly analogous colours, with differing shades of yellow where as Matisse used multitudes of colours but both paintings were vibrant. Matisse incorporated many different colours. His shading was mainly conveyed by the different colours he used to shade with. Because he was trying something new people didn’t like it. Picasso hardly used shading in his painting, so that made it look 2D.

Picasso used bold and delineated lines but Matisse used light lines that weren’t clearly seen. Some of his lines are blurred, mixed and smudged. Many people would describe the colour of his painting rough. Picasso’s lines were bold and clearly seen. His perspectives were all over the place. Lots of shapes can be seen in his painting. 

In conclusion, I think that Matisse and Picasso’s paintings are really different but if you think about it there are some bits that are similar. Such as the object and the colour. What I have learnt from this is how to analyze a painting. This is great practice for the future.

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