Friday, June 1, 2012

Kiwi Kick

As I walked out of the street my body began to shiver and my teeth started to chatter. Walking to the courts, I saw goosebumps appearing on my arms. “I am so cold”  I said when I was rubbing it. When Room 20 got to the courts we sat down and waited for something to happen.

We met Sam and Mike our coaches for today. They said to us “O.K guys. Welcome to Aussie Rules. To begin we need to warm up, and to do this we are going to play a game called continuous tag. The rules for this is everyone is in. You have to tag a person without them noticing you. If you have been tagged then you sit down but if you tag each other at the same time, you have to do rock, paper, scissors. Who ever wins keeps going and if you lose you sit down. It's not really fun sitting down so if you want to stand up and continue you have to watch the person that tagged you. If they get tagged then they sit down and you carry on.” This is a great game to play.

Some of the skills in Kiwi Kick is way different then other sports we play. In Kiwi Kick to avoid getting tackled you have to do a hand pass. To master a hand pass you need to make a plate with your hand and put the ball on the plate. Then with your other hand you pretend that you are holding an ice cream. After that you have to do the pirate dance. Swing the ice cream side to side. As you do this you have to step forward to gave it more boost. If you practice and practice you will be really good at it. Another skill in Kiwi Kick is a drop punt. First of all you need to do laces away from faces. The AFL ball has laces on them, and before you kick you put them away from your face. More tips to help you is that you have to drop the ball in front of your foot. This makes it easier for you to aim as well as kick. People find that aiming is the most difficult one to master but when you kick you have to point your toe at the place that you are aiming for. These are the skills that they have taught as so far.

To practice our drop punt we had a little game named aim at the coaches. This is a fun game. This game tested our accuracy. We had to do a drop punt and our target was Sam and Mike. It was quite hard for me but for the rest of my group, easy as pie. Two points for the coaches, three for the netball pole and FIVE inside the netball hoop. Unfortunately I scored only 4 points whereas my friend scored 8. “I haven’t mastered the accuracy yet” I said to myself.

It was time for us to leave. I didn’t really want to leave. I didn’t want to go through that horrible time coming here and by the way I enjoy doing Kiwi Kick. This is a new sport that I haven’t played and I want to learn more about.

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