Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Can't Wait For School

"Hip hip horay" Some of my friends said to me when the 3:00 o'clock bell went. Why? Well because the school holidays have began. Normally I am really excited that it has started, but for some reason I am sad. For the next two weeks I have to stay in bed, play more netball, shower and eat. BORING!!! Now I have to persuade my mum to take me and my brother to the movies. It's not that hard to trick her though. Anyway, as I said, missing school makes me sad. 

I am a year 7 in room 20. My teacher Ms Squires is so cool. She makes learning fun. Maybe thats why I don't like to miss school. Speaking about school the Olympics is coming up, which makes me think that next terms topic is about it. Anyway, happy holidays everyone!

P.S Just can't wait for school.

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