Monday, November 19, 2012

Caleb Chung An Amazing Toy Maker

Caleb Chung is an amazing toy maker. Why? Well, the extension group has researched about him and have found out facts amazed us. When we were asked to research him the first question in my head was who is Caleb Chung? Caleb Chung is a toy inventer. He invented lots of toy from robotic toys all the way to Furby. He has a toy company called Giving Toys. The amazing thing with Caleb is that he didn't go to university.  His life starts like this.

He began his life being a street mime. After that he was a Silver Smith. Then he dropped out of school and worked for Mattel. Then he started to create toys. Furby, foam launcher are just some of the invention.

This man was kind of interesting to research about. He didn't go school which was pretty amazing. Anyway, what I have learnt about Caleb Chung is that even though he didn't finish high school doesn't mean you can.

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