Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Teddy Bear Facts

The extension group was assigned to research a particular toy. We weren't allowed to choose a toy, we had to do a random pick. So we had to pick a number and behind a number was a toy. We all choose our numbers. The toy I got was a bit boring. I wanted something new but after hearing what everyone else got I was really happy with my one. I choose the number 17 and behind number 17 was the one and only "Teddy Bear"

Here are some facts about the teddy bears.

NAME OF TOY::Teddy Bear
PERSON NAMED THE TEDDY BEAR::Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy)
INVENTOR:: Richard Steiff or Theodore Roosevelt
COSTS:: Depends on the size and the look of it
PATENT:: No one
B- Make the eyes bigger
A- I would add a recorder in it. Press a button and start talking.
R- I would replace nothing

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  1. I will definitely be sharing this information with my daughter who is a HUGE teddy bear collector. She is only 5 but I feel like she is already so smart and is really invested in her collection. I actually just got her a huge Valentines Teddy Bear for Valentine's day and I can't wait to give it to her! It is almost as big as she is!


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