Monday, November 12, 2012

The Best Adventure I Have Ever Been On (NARRATIVE)

The wind flipped my hair into my face. Shoal’s teeth were chattering so she got her jumper out of her bag. She put it on and rubbed her arms. “Its soo cold.” she said.
“Tell me about it.”
Me and Shoal were checking if we had everything that we needed. “Check,check and check.” When we finished we entered the forest with our bikes. The wind was blowing so hard we almost fell of them. We decided to hop of our bikes and start to walk. This is going to be the best adventure, I said in my head

As we continued to walk we came up to two paths. “Which one should we take?” I asked.
“This one” Shoal bravely said.
So we continued to walk and as we did something looked very strange. “Are you sure we are going the right way Shoal?”
“Of course we are.... I think”
“Oh my gosh Shoal!!! So are you telling me we are lost?”
“Um..... Yeah, pretty much.”
“How are we gonna get home?”
“I have an idea. I’ll ring my mum and tell her that we are lost. She will definitely came and find us.”
“This better work” I said looking anxiously.
She got her phone out. Then she started to dial her mum’s number. When all of a sudden she put her phone in her pocket. “That was quick.” I sighed with relief.
“Um Vivienne... Theres no reception.” Oh no I said in my head. I looked into Shoals eye and saw tears running out.

I quickly thought of a plan. “Shoal, follow me.” We walked and walked until our legs were too tired to move. Shoal and I sat down and stared in ore. To keep us interested we began to play hand games. Suddenly we heard something. Could it be. Did we found our way after all. I listened closely. “Cars” I yelled out. I heard cars zooming past. We followed the sound and as we did we found a road. Our eyes followed the road and at the end of it was the entrance to the bush walk. We hopped on our bikes and started riding it all the way to the entrance.

“Were saved” I said to Shoal. We were so happy we jumped around. We saw Shoal’s parents ordering something so we ran to them. “How was your bushwalk?” asked Shoal’s mum. “It was the best adventure I have ever been on.” I proclaimed.

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