Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Report On The Royal Baby!

This just in, the royal baby was finally shown to the world this morning. The moment everyone was waiting for. Kate Middleton and Prince William walked out with the healthy baby boy in her arms. 

Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 4:24 pm at St Mary's Hospital. He weighs 8 pounds, 6 ounces. The crowd was waiting outside Buckingham Palace to see the golden easel, in keeping with the tradition, the birth card was displayed. 

Margaret Stove knitted a beautiful white shawl that is New Zealand's gift for the royal baby.  

The baby boy is third in line to the throne. They still haven't named the baby boy yet, but some think that the name Prince James or Prince George, is likely to be given. I will update you more about this amazing event. This was Vivienne reporting about the royal baby.

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  1. Guess what? I saw the baby first on YOUR blog - true story!

    I went to Wellington really early this morning so I missed all the papers and the TV news. I only caught up with this now on your blog.
    So thanks for the news report :)

    Mrs Burt


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