Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pt England School Be A Single Gender School?

I think Pt England School should be a single gender school. Why? Well, firstly if it was an only girls school, girls would be more confident to speak without being made fun of. Secondly, there is less girlfriend and boyfriend problems going on. Lastly, the setting or environment is a good place for a girl to be in. Not in a room filled with distractions.

One: Girls are too scared to raise their hand up and speak with confidence without being teased about. But, with a room filled with the same gender they are more confident to speak up.

Second reason. There is less distractions like boyfriend, girlfriend problems. Also drugs, smoking, drinking and fights. Also girls can focus on their work without being bothered by any boys.

Last but not least, girls like to work in a room that is warm and bright. A room with people that won’t be a distraction. Being in a room filled with no distractions can change your learning which can change your test scores.

So having a single gender school is an awesome thing to have. I think its best to change Pt England School an only girls school.

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  1. Hey Viv

    I love your blogpost but I don't think it should be turn into a single gender school. I love the way it is. But you have good reason.

    Keep up the good work


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