Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective Student Vivienne

Dangling precariously from the rock face, Jake felt terrified. The only thing going through Jakes mind at that moment was ‘If he was going to make it or not.’ He was tired of climbing and his muscles were aching, but he was still determined. So with all his might, he pulled himself up, and luckily for him he made it!

Jake still hadn’t made it to his destination. It was only a few steps away until he made it to the Dojo. All his effort would be wasted if he turned around now, so, he kept his eyes on the prize. He marched with confidence in himself to the Dojo when finally with relief he made it to the front door. He knocked on the door 2 times, hoping to see someone.

The Sensei was standing in front of him. Jake anxiously waited for him to do something but all he did was left his arm and pointed to the right. Jake was confused. The Sensei then closed the door.

Day fell and it was night time. Jake was meditating until finally it was morning. He was hoping that this time the Sensei will think he is worthy enough to enter the dojo but once again he pointed right and closed the door. He turned around and dropped his shoulders. Then something hit him. He felt power in himself and finally knew that it wasn’t time to give up. Why should I give up now. I’ve made it this far Jake said to himself.

He turned around with his fist clenched. He kicked open the door and saw the Sensei standing there. Jake wanted to enter and he wasn’t going to take no as an answer. For the third time the sensei pointed to the right. Jake looked right and saw a sign. ‘Enter through the side door.’ The Sensei looked furious and closed the door. Jake felt really embarrassed.

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