Friday, July 26, 2013

The Royal Baby Has Been Named

Im back with some news about the royal baby. The royal baby has finally been named, Prince George Alexander Louis. A beautiful name that suits the handsome baby. Many people think that the name George is not attractive because many kings have been already named George. Personally I think that the name George Alexander Louis is a good name.

The royal baby is third in line for the British thrown. When Prince George Alexander Louis becomes king he can choose if he wants to change his name. For example he can use one of his middle names, so he can be known as Britain's First King Alexander, or Britain's First King Louis.

This was Vivienne reporting today about Prince George Alexander Louis the royal baby.

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  1. Hi Viviennea,
    Great report with good sentences. It was very clear and informative. A television news show would be happy with this. Keep up the great work and continue writing.


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