Monday, April 8, 2013

Daylight Savings

What is Daylight Savings?

Daylight savings is when you set your clocks one hour backwards or forward. This is so we can provide extra daylight in the evening for summer. The point of that is so we can use our daylight in good use.

When does Daylight Saving occur?
Since 2007, Daylight Savings commenced on the last Sunday in September when 5:00am becomes 6:00am. It ends on the first Sunday in April when 6:00am becomes 5:00am.

Who was the inventor of Daylight Savings?
A man named Benjamin Franklin. These men introduced this idea around 1784. Benjamin had help but it was said he was the main inventor.

More Facts About Daylight Savings...
If you live near the equator, the hours of day and night are equally about 12 hours each. But, the closer ones that live to the North or South pole, they have longer daylight during the summer. Also, nations close to the equator do not shift their clocks at all.

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