Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time For Me To Reflect On Term 1!!!

Its the last week of school and its time for me to reflect on this past term. I think that this term was good to get to know my new friends and my new teacher. I can’t wait for term 2.

This term I participated in many things such as Softball, Triathlon, Tech, a poem lesson with Joshua Iosefo and soon Fiafia. I have also been responsible for being a prefect and a class captain. One thing that has caught my attention for the whole term has been Fiafia. Even though it hasn't occurred yet, I am still excited for it.

For Fiafia, I had the great opportunity to join in the Tongan girls as well as being an MC. Our tutor Sindy has been great as well as Diana and Mrs Jarman. MC. Being an MC is hard work as well. Believe me, its harder than you think. I thought that it would only be speaking an introducing the next performance but no. Theres a lot more then speaking in front of people. You have to control your voice. Its a bit like dancing, when you control your body to do the right things. Thats like being a MC... You have to make your voice sound really interesting.

Anyway, if I had to rate myself this term I would rate myself 8/10. As I said, my highlight hopefully will be Fiafia. I can’t wait for all the activity next term. This term was fun, meeting my new teacher but most of all just having FUN!!!

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