Friday, April 5, 2013

The True Meaning Of Easter

What did I do in the Easter holiday? Well on Good Friday I did nothing. It was really BORING!!! I tried to make it fun by doing an Easter egg hunt but realised that there were no Easter eggs. On Easter Sunday I went to church and we learnt more about the true meaning of Easter. When I came home I was hoping that there would be some chocolate eggs waiting for me but no... Still no sign of any Easter eggs. Monday. I woke up and found out that we had to go to my cousins house and stay there while my mum goes for a driving course. My brother and I knew that we weren't going to get Easter eggs but a sudden surprise hit us when we entered the house.  We went home and saw lots of Easter eggs on the couch. We did a quick Easter egg hunt and when we finished we ate it. This is when it hit me. Easter is not all about chocolate eggs. Its much more....

People think that Easter is all about Easter eggs and the Easter bunny... But to me I think its more than eating chocolate eggs and stuff. Easter is about the death of Jesus Christ and how he resurrected back to life. Good Friday (29th March) is the day Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He was tortured really badly by people that didn't believe that he was the son of God. While he was being tortured he told God to forgive them. When he died they put him in a tomb inside a cave which was covered it with a big rock. Three days later he resurrected back to life. This is what I think the true meaning of Easter is all about.

In the olden days it is said that rabbits were a symbol of new life. Also eggs. Eggs represent new life as well. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are commercialised by people just to make money and profit. They use television ads to help them sell there products.

The importance of Easter is that Jesus came back to life. Because of this he is known as the Son of God. Also because of this people think that it is possible to come back to life.

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