Monday, April 22, 2013

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

Many teachers ask this question every year... 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' When I was little my answer was to be a princess that lived in a big castle with many rooms in it. Each year my answer became more and more realistic until one year I thought about it more carefully.

So in 2010 I realised that what I wanted to be in the future was a veterinarian. Every year, my answer never changed. I think that this is a sign for me to stick to this idea. When I get to college I know that the grades I need can be A's and B's but most of them have to be A's... The subjects I have to take are chemistry, biology and physics. I can take other subjects but those subjects are compulsory.

If this doesn't turn out well I am going to plan B... Which is, a choreographer. I was told that to be a choreographer you needed to be fit and creative. I think the subjects I need to take is English (this can help me to write some creative titles or blurbs), Maths, also join a musical group (to help develop a beat or just learn to play an instrument). Last of all, I think that I should sign up for sports as well to help me with my fitness. Hopefully in the future, I can make a class where people can enrol and I can teach them a couple of dance sets.

These are two possibilities I can do for the future... I don't know if this will go to plan but I'm going to give it a go... If you have any information about being a veterinarian or a choreographer please leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading!!!


  1. That's fantastic that you are thinking about your future Vivienne. You know what? I think that whatever you decide to do you will be a success because you have the drive, perseverance and determination you need to achieve whatever goal you set yourself.
    I hope you are having a great holiday.
    Ms Squires

  2. Hi Sweetie,
    You have been dreaming and talking about becoming a veterinarian since you're little girl. Apart from taking your time in the morning to feed the buggies and the chickens and letting your little brother do all of that, you are very good with our pets. You keep them warm, chat to the buggies :) and alway reminds Jordan to feed them.
    Awesome dream Sweetie, I'm very proud of you.

    Love Mum


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