Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something this school really needs is . . .

I was on my netbook when all of a sudden the thought came into my head. Pt England School is missing something... At first, it came to me as a stupid idea but now that I mentioned it, what does our school really need?

This is my last year here, then I will be off to college. I am pretty nervous about it. I just kinda want to stay here at Pt England. I know that I am going to miss this school sooo much, that tears might appear. SOOO maybe what Pt England is missing is, a college.

Thats it!!! Out of all the things that our school is missing, I think the most important idea is a college. We are also missing a pool, a roller coaster and many more things but lets not get carried into all the missing pieces. Since I said that I am going to miss this school, the only way to solve that problem is to create a college right next to it. That way, I won’t miss my teachers, my friends but most of all the way that I have been learning for my entire life.

All though this isn't going to happen now, I sure do hope it happens in the future. Its a good idea! Well that's what I think. I know that when I leave Pt England its not going to be over... Because once a Pt Englander always a Pt Englander. So, something this school really needs is a COLLEGE!!!

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  1. OK, this one I HAVE to comment on.
    Viv, I'm stoked that you think we should have College @ PES, thanks so much for the osum ups. This made me feel really encouraged.
    I would have to say though, that my great friend Mrs Pamaka is doing a pretty top job down at Tamaki College and I want to keep supporting them while we continue to improve at PES.
    Good on you for dreaming. You can always come back and help us at PES!

    Mr Burt


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