Monday, April 15, 2013

The Day When 4 Rugby Balls Got Stuck Up In A Tree Part 2

Ball after ball they finally stopped. They looked up again, and saw 4 rugby balls. Everyone didn’t know what to do. The only way was to tell Mr Malloy. “How is Mr Malloy going to get 4 rugby balls down those trees? They are Massive!!!” Brooklyn said. To Be Continued.....

The next day, the six friends went to the one tree that contained four rugby balls. They all tried to find a different way to get them down... But it was just to hard so they stooped trying and decided to play somewhere else. One day though, they saw a group of boys standing under the tree. They were really suspicious so they went there to have a look. To there surprise the group of boys were trying to get it down. "One down, three to go!" Someone yelled out. Everyone was surprised, even the group of girls.

Ashleigh went and came back with more information. "Somehow, they kept kicking the ball and one just came down." The girls were confused. "So was it just us that couldn't get the balls down?" Brooklyn asked. They were sick of trying so they just gave the job to the group of boys. It was a tough job but the boys knew they had the skills to get it down.

All was left was faith. Day after day the bunch of girls see the boys trying to get it down and the number of balls falling off. They finally made it to THE DAY!!! THE DAY were there were no rugby balls were there. The six friends said thank you. They thought that it might have been a challenge but to them it was like a little game. We were happy that they succeeded as well as them having fun.

The moral of this story is to play in the right place. Even if the best place is the wrong place. They group of girls have definitely learnt their lesson and lets hope that a story like this never pops up in my blog again!!!

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