Friday, April 19, 2013

The Night That Everyone Was Looking Forward For... Fiafia

What if I forget my lines... What if I say a joke and no one laughs... What if I fall of the stage... What if all the things I thought off actually came true... It was so nerve racking. I was standing with my friend Lorenz and all he could talk about was how big the crowd was.  Thats when it hit me, it was like an bunch of butterflies invading my stomach.

We were just talking and having fun, when all of a sudden Mr Burt came up to me and said with excitement "ITS TIME!!!"
"Good Luck" Lorenz said. I quickly went to Gabriel (another MC) and we walked up the stairs which led us into the stage. When I walked into the middle of the stage I found the light so bright I couldn't see anyone's face. It was like the sun shining on us. I looked at Mr Burt and he gave me the look. The look to start my prayer. I took a deep breath and began... "Let us pray... Ke Tau Lotu..."

Fiafia night was the BOMB!!! I really enjoyed watching all the performances.  My favourite performance though was the Niuean group. Why, I hear you ask? Well to me, I think that by looking at all their faces you could definitely tell that they were in the zone but you could also tell that they were all having fun. One thing that caught my attention while they were performing was that the stage looked as if it was going to break. Anyway, back to the night. It was definitely a night to remember.

As you can see you can definitely tell a huge difference in my story. The point of that being is that in the middle of it all, my confidence in being a MC as well as a performer changed a lot. I suddenly forgot about the things I could do to muck up and stated thinking about how being an MC was all about having fun. 


  1. You did a wonderful job too Viv. Well done. Your confidence and speaking has come a long way and you continue to be an outstanding Ambassador for Pt England School. Have a great holiday.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Vivienne. I loved reading your reflection about the Fiafia night. I was amazed not only by the massive number of people who turned up to watch, or the cool stalls that were there, but that we were also blessed with great weather.

    You did a fantastic job being an MC. I was so proud of you and Gabriel. I thought that you carried yourself really well and represented our school, your culture and your family with pride and confidence. Awesome job!!!

  3. Malo e Lelei Viv

    I LOVED doing this job with you because you were confident and totally reliable. You had a great stage presence and looked absolutely beautiful.

    I thought you and Gabe made my job very easy and you filled in so well when then was an awkward gap.

    Well done Girl

    Mr Burt

  4. Hey Vivienne,
    Well first off I would like to say, you did an AWESOME job in being an MC for Fiafia Night. No one could have done it any better. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that, and you sure did a great job. And thanks. The Niuean group sure did give it their all to try shake that stage. Anyway keep up the awesome work.

    Yours Sincerely


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