Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pt England The River Of Success - Poem

This is a poem my brother Jordan and I wrote together. It is about our school being like a river. It took a lot of effort to do and we ended up writing a poem. Take a look and tell us what you think. Hope you enjoy!!!

Pt England is like water flowing in a river.
More and more water joins us.
When they get use to our flow they,
choose whether they want to stay clean or turn into dirty water.
The dirty water is the bad children.
Pt England starts to turn into dirty water so we do something about it.
We stand strong, that's what we do.
Our teachers and sometimes us teach the dirty water how to respect, how to love
and that everything is always better together.
This changes everything back to normal.
Now our river flows within clean water.
This can help us students get a future we deserve.

So now our river which is Pt England,  is a strong school where our kids are on the path to victory!

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